Dog Proof Traps

Take advantage of a great deal on predator traps

Make an immediate improvement in your turkey population by trapping nest predators. Turkeys For Tomorrow is offering traps effective against raccoons, opossums and skunks, but perfectly harmless to dogs, for sale at cost to our supporters.

Trapping has been proven effective in improving nesting success, and it’s easy to see why. Every nest predator removed is one more that won’t be eating another turkey egg. More eggs hatching means more turkeys yelping and gobbling in springs to come.

Turkeys For Tomorrow has partnered with NO-BS Lures to offer dog-proof traps at the lowest possible price for the greater good of turkey populations. Get a dozen Dog Proof raccoon traps, the best on the market, for only $135.

Recommendations call for running six traps per 50 acres.

Help Us Help Turkeys by getting started trapping today!

Trapping regulations, including season dates, equipment and bag limits, differ from state to state. Before trapping check your state regulations.

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