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TFT is off and running: Three Turkey Research Projects Will Begin Soon

Many thanks to each of you who showed you care about the plight of wild turkeys by partnering with us in TFT. This organization is only seven months old, and your contributions are already making a difference. Because turkeys are important to you and you’ve proved it, TFT has gained enough revenue to partner with …

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Sunset Bow Hunter Turkey

If Not You–Who???

In June, 2020, I participated in a reunion of old friends hosted by Robert and Hilda Pitman at White Oak Plantation near Tuskegee, Alabama. The idea was to relive the good old days shared by friends in the turkey woods, deer stand, duck blind and chasing bugles. Most of the attendees had been my friends …

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Prescribed Fire

Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2021

This short narrative by Jim Spencer represents what we hope to convey in our newsletter. Future newsletters will contain opinions, facts and issues raised by biologists, professors, hunters and celebrities as we try to impact the future of wild turkeys. Most turkey hunters know the comeback story of the wild turkey. From a scant few …

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4 Turkeys Fanning

Restoring the Wild Turkey

State wildlife agencies have the statutory authority and responsibility to manage and protect wild turkey resources. Under the Public Trust Doctrine, the title to all wild animals is vested in the states, which manage wildlife resources for the benefit of the people. The North American Model of Wildlife Management is one of the greatest success …

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