National Land Realty, Turkeys For Tomorrow partnership destined for success

Turkeys For Tomorrow and National Land Realty have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at advancing the conservation of wild turkeys. This collaboration focuses on leveraging scientific expertise and community engagement to enhance habitat management and sustainability across privately-owned lands. Together, they are paving the way for a brighter future for wild turkey populations and supporting landowners in making informed conservation decisions.


Straightening the curves, flattening the hills

Jason Hewett and Chip Byrd from Private Land Management join forces with Turkeys For Tomorrow to share their expertise in turkey habitat management. Discover their commitment to wildlife conservation and effective land management strategies.


Better cat trap motivation for innovative trapper to succeed

Discover Chip Davis’s journey from agriculture to trapping and his innovative bobcat trap designed to protect turkey populations. Learn how his Expand-A-Pan Traps are revolutionizing predator control and watch instructional videos on building your own bobcat trap.


Turkeys For Tomorrow names Lupardus first CEO

Jason Lupardus is appointed as the first CEO of Turkeys For Tomorrow, marking a pivotal moment for the organization’s growth and conservation efforts. His extensive experience and passion for wildlife ensure a promising future for wild turkeys and their habitats.


Turkeys For Tomorrow, SABO Outdoors saving turkeys one sighting at a time

AUBURN, Ala. — TFT is proud to announce its conservation partnership with SABO Outdoors, a company dedicated to helping rural landowners keep their property wild. Together, the two will continue […]

North Mountain Gear will donate portion of proceeds to Turkeys For Tomorrow

AUBURN, Ala. — North Mountain Gear will support the mission of Turkeys For Tomorrow by sharing revenue generated through the sale of co-branded gear, the company’s founder announced today. Shop […]

Pirate Classic brings hundreds of hunting kids together

GREENVILLE, N.C. • People who give back to their communities reap their rewards in an endless variety of ways. For John Tate and Miles Minges, creators of a North Carolina […]

Halfway there

Winner of Florida raffle now halfway to slam Jeff Neill has several years’ experience hunting turkeys in his native Wisconsin, but traveling the country and encountering the different strategies that […]


Tropical thunder

A Wisconsin hunter is changing latitudes for a new challenge. For Jeff Neill, 35, of West Bend, Wisconsin, taking a turkey on his home hunting grounds is often a fairly […]

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