Turkeys For Tomorrow, SABO Outdoors saving turkeys one sighting at a time

AUBURN, Ala. — TFT is proud to announce its conservation partnership with SABO Outdoors, a company dedicated to helping rural landowners keep their property wild. Together, the two will continue their common mission of making sure wild turkey populations recover and thrive across the country.

SABO Outdoors is a young company built to help owners of rural land set up short-term leases with those looking for places to hunt, fish, hike, bike, camp and explore. Their enterprise is built on a model similar to those offering short-term vacation rentals around the world.

SABO Outdoors not only helps make customers’ adventures possible, they’re helping landowners keep their rural land wild.

“A big piece of what we’re trying to do at SABO is provide an opportunity for landowners to generate revenue on their land without developing it,” said Taylor Cassat, SABO’s co-founder. He and Justin Neal started the company as a way to continue their own lifetimes of service to our country. After 10 years spent operating in hostile environments around the world, the two U.S. Military special forces veterans found corporate America dull and unrewarding. Through SABO Outdoors, they’ve sculpted a way to continue their mission of keeping our nation free.

“We’re providing an opportunity to generate income, cover your property taxes and more, so as not to feel pressured by a developer’s offer,” Cassat said. “Once your land is developed, it’s developed and you’re never getting it back. We’re helping landowners keep it raw and wild, helping both landowners and their customers preserve habitats, and doing wildlife data collection to aid conservation.”

“That’s where what we do ties in with Turkeys For Tomorrow,” said Neal. “We’re working with wildlife biologists to make sure we don’t have a negative impact on wildlife populations on private land. Part of that is encouraging customers and landowners to collect data and note sightings regardless of the game being harvested. When the app’s users report what was seen in any situation, it creates an opportunity to provide much better and more accurate data for science, since the sightings will be tied to each geolocation. Having precise locations of animals, not just within a county, but within a precise radius, will supply data far more precise than what wildlife agencies are currently receiving.”

“This partnership is about advancing our common mission,” said Jason Lupardus, director of business operations for TFT. “We’re working to save wild turkeys through sustainable, scientific solutions. The guys at SABO are striving for the same goal, so we were already on the same team.”

Check out SABO Outdoors at sabooutdoors.com, or on the Apple App Store or Google Play. To learn more about TFT, visit turkeysfortomorrow.org.

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