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Two outdoor media engines will be pulling together to help ensure a bright future for wild turkeys. The Confluence Group is proud to announce its association with Kevin Tate and his agency, Tate Outdoor Communications. Together, they will be sharing the message of Turkeys For Tomorrow, a young, nonprofit organization whose mission is to secure the future of wild turkeys in the United States.

“TFT dedicates their resources to improving turkey habitat and studying how to help raise more birds,” Tate said. “It’s a tremendous honor to be working with a mission so necessary and pure. The true, positive message of the outdoors is a story common to all of us who love our natural world.”

Tate is a long-time freelance writer and former outdoor television production and marketing executive. He learned the business first hand through two decades with Mossy Oak Productions. He made the leap to launch his own communications brand earlier this year.

“I bring more than 20 years’ experience in the outdoor industry and a professional lifetime in media to this partnership,” he said. “I’m also a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, and I’m excited about what we will accomplish together. I’ve known and worked with the guys at Confluence for years, and I’m proud to be part of the team.”

The Confluence Group is a full-service marketing agency founded in and for the outdoors. Their clients benefit from the group’s array of specialists, each thoroughly versed in the spirit and perspective of life lived under the open sky.

“I’m thrilled to work again with Kevin Tate,” said Tack Robinson, managing director of The Confluence Group. “Kevin’s expertise adds a new dimension to Confluence and I couldn’t be more excited having him be part of what we do. I worked with Kevin during our time at Mossy Oak for more than 20 years and saw firsthand what his influence meant to that brand. Kevin in a Pro’s Pro in every way.”

The two agencies will work together to help TFT grow in name recognition and in membership, the better to see the results of its mission flourish.

Learn more about The Confluence Group and Tate’s work with them at www.thecgrivers.com.

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