Turkeys For Tomorrow Growing, Launches Chapters in Five States

Launching Chapters

Turkeys For Tomorrow has launched seven chapters in five states, while momentum behind its mission continues to grow.

TFT was founded two years ago to address the nationwide decline in wild turkey numbers. Our work supports academic research to precisely define the problem, and it helps hunters and land managers learn how they can be a key part of the solution. This two- pronged approach is giving land managers and policymakers the tools they need for the future, while applying common-sense tactics to help populations right away.

“Research and direct action are both needed,” said Dan Braman, co-chairman of the board for TFT. “While research takes time, there are common sense actions we can take today. If we do our part to improve turkey habitat and create a more balanced population of predators, turkeys’ survival numbers will go up.”

Hunters are responding to the need by joining TFT and taking part in events. Pete Daugherty, TFT’s Director of Outreach, has seen the group’s membership grow to represent nearly every state in the union. He has fielded serious inquiries from motivated hunters in 21 states seeking to launch chapters and host events. Deliberate, responsible growth of the organization is a key part of ensuring a bright future for wild turkeys, and TFT’s chapter program is being developed with caution and care.

“Hunters everywhere have already seen the problem for themselves,” Daugherty said. “They led the restoration of the wild turkey decades ago, and they’re ready to do it again. They know if they don’t do it, it won’t happen.”

Five inaugural chapter banquets have combined to net more than $135,000, and they’ve helped grow individual membership numbers past the 2,300 threshold. The money will support academic research underway in four states, and the events introduce hunters to the opportunities TFT presents. The TFT Chapters include three groups in Alabama, covering Enterprise, Auburn and Prattville, one in Woodbury, Ga., and another in Iowa City, Iowa. Two more chapters are set to launch this spring in Hartwell, Ga., and Clinton, La.

“The plight of the wild turkey needs attention brought to it and money raised to reverse it,” said Ron Jolly, co-chairman of the board of TFT. “We’re working every day to do both.”

If you are interested in starting a TFT chapter in your region of the country feel free to submit a chapter application. Other ways to help TFT include joining our organization as a member or volunteering in one of the established chapters. If you have any questions about getting involved feel free to contact us!

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