Turkeys For Tomorrow names Lupardus first CEO

TFT is honored to announce the promotion of Jason Lupardus to the position of Chief Executive Officer. He becomes the first person to hold this position in the young organization’s history.

Lupardus has served as TFT’s Director of Business Operations and Partnerships for the past year. In that role he has proven to be a dynamic leader and has guided the group along a trajectory of extraordinary but sustainable growth.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” Lupardus said. “We’re on a path to bigger and brighter days, all for the wild turkey. I’m tremendously honored by the trust the board has shown and by the passion that drives every member of the team every day.”

Upon his arrival last year, Lupardus brought nearly 20 years’ experience in the conservation arena. 

He has served as a chief operating officer, director of conservation operations, director of development, and director of strategic partnerships in prior roles with other organizations. He has led nonprofit conservation organizations in fundraising roles, and he is a certified wildlife biologist. He earned his B.S. and M.S. in wildlife and fisheries science with a minor in forestry at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and he continues to serve the university on an advisory board.

“We are fortunate to have gotten Jason in this role,” said Coates Head, Chairman of the TFT Board. “He has a unique combination of qualifications not many people have, and he has the capacity to wear a lot of different hats, which is something our young organization definitely needs. He is a visionary, providing leadership in the present and guidance pointed far down the road. He’s immersed in the outdoor industry and exactly what we need at CEO. We’re very fortunate to have gotten him to lead us.”

Ron Jolly, one of TFT’s key founders, agrees.

“TFT was founded on the core belief that if hunters unite for the common cause of reversing the downward trend in turkey populations, the entire outdoor industry will unite and put its full weight toward achieving that goal,” Jolly said. “Jason’s skill in building partnerships and relationships will fast forward that process.”

His personal values align perfectly with those of TFT’s mission.

“I grew up in rural North Alabama and didn’t see or hear a wild turkey until I was almost 20,” Lupardus said. “I have an unequivocal passion for conservation to ensure current and future generations will always have wild turkeys and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.”

Lupardus lives in Alvaton, Kent., with his wife and two daughters.

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4 thoughts on “Turkeys For Tomorrow names Lupardus first CEO”

  1. Sherry Crumley

    Congratulations to Jason and TFT! Jason, you are working with a fine group and TFT, you have chosen a fine gentleman for your first CEO. We turkey lovers are a special breed!

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