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TrueTimber Camo will produce co-branded hunting and lifestyle goods and apparel in support of Turkeys For Tomorrow, the two organizations announced today.

TrueTimber Camo is making a deep commitment to support the group’s mission to aid the recovery and ensure the future of wild turkeys in America. “Wild turkeys and their habitat really define life in the outdoors for so many of us,” said Rusty Sellers, founder and CEO of TrueTimber. “They’re on the decline in so many places and, if anyone is going to do something about it, it’ll be us — the hunters, the men and women in the outdoors who love them. Turkeys For Tomorrow is focused on the things that will help turkeys return, and I’m pleased we’ll be able to help them make that happen.” Initial plans call for TrueTimber to design and make co-branded hunting and lifestyle apparel including shirts, caps and hoodies, plus portable blinds, fleece blankets and more. The company’s proven ability to develop, manufacture and fulfill these top-quality goods from their facilities in Spartanburg, S.C., will deliver remarkable support to TFT, both in direct financial return and by building recognition and understanding of the conservation group’s mission. “This is a great day for wild turkey populations everywhere,” said Ron Jolly, chairman of the board of TFT. “I’m honored to have Rusty and TrueTimber join us in this fight. Together, we’re making sure our grandchildren will be able to experience the same things we did. The good old days of turkey hunting can be today again.”

TrueTimber Camo’s commitment represents a monumental step in the growth of the young non-profit conservation group, which will turn two years old in March. The merchandise will be available on both groups’ websites in the coming days.

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