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After three years of feedback from our members, we’ve made a small but significant tweak to the TFT logo. Hens raising poults today is how turkeys are made for tomorrow, but we wanted our logo to also communicate a recognition and understanding of the passionate hunting heritage that burns at the core of it all. 

A good logo should be simple, relevant, memorable and timeless. In our opinion, changing the bar of our F to a gobbler’s spur was the last stroke needed to make our logo deliver on each of these points.

Our logo communicates who and what we are succinctly and clearly, which we knew you wanted us to do. We also didn’t spend an excess of time making it, which we also knew you wouldn’t want us to do.

We’re here to do good things for turkeys, the better to make sure the flocks have a great future. We hope you’ll be proud to share with the world the fact you agree. We’ll have lots of great gear sporting the new logo very soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Join us in a voyage of discovery

The health and wellbeing of wild turkey hens comprise the most important aspects of everything we stand for and all we do. Hens are nest-selecting, egg-laying, poult-hatching, little bird making machines. They’re guardians of upcoming generations and it is for them to say when the species will thrive.

We are declaring this year to be The Year of the Hen. We will be sharing insight and inspiration through every channel of our communications in the weeks to come. Our role in helping them help their flocks is best begun by appreciating all they do and the ways they do it.

Tes Jolly, of Tuskegee, Alabama, has dedicated her life to photographing wildlife, and wild turkeys are her specialty. Join us all year long as we look through her lens, see through her eyes and learn about hens, what they need and how they do one of the most the remarkable jobs in all of the natural world.

Meet Tes and learn about our voyage ahead by clicking right here!

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