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Rio Grande roundup takes raffle winner and The Hunting Public hunting

Members of The Hunting Public will host raffle winner Spencer Peercy on a Texas turkey hunt this spring on the grounds of outfitter 67Hunts.com.

Peercy, 25, of Dixon, Kent., never had a Texas turkey hunt on his wish list until he considered his options in the TFT spring raffle.

“A boy I work with won one of the TFT raffle hunts last year,” Peercy said. “He got to hunt with Terry Rohm and had a great time. I thought him winning a raffle for a hunt like that was the luckiest thing I’d ever heard of. When he called me a while back and asked if I was buying into this year’s raffle, I asked him which hunt he was putting in for because I didn’t want to compete against him.”

Peercy’s friend missed his shot at hunting in Wyoming with Joe Drake, but Peercy connected on the Texas excitement ahead with The Hunting Public. When a TFT representative called Peercy to tell him he’d won, it took a minute or two for reality to be accepted.

“I’ve never won anything in my life,” he said. “That’s one reason I didn’t believe them. I thought my friend had put somebody up to calling and saying I’d won it for a joke.”

Peercy took up turkey hunting when he was 16.

“I got my first one that year and I was hooked,” he said. “I just love the chase — the way you might get on one one day that reads the playbook just perfectly and everything happens like it’s supposed to, then you get on another one that pulls a Houdini and makes you feel like a 5-year-old kid.

“If I could hunt turkeys all year the way they act in the spring, I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Peercy’s Texas hunt is set for March 29 through April 1 and will be hosted by outfitter 67Hunts.com along with members of The Hunting Public near George West, Texas. To see where he’ll be hunting and to look into future adventures there for yourself, visit www.67hunts.com. 

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