Tennessee nest cameras to offer revelations

Researchers in Tennessee used cameras at nearly 50 turkey nests in spring 2023 to document predator activity, turkey behavior, and hatching success.

Dr. David Buehler and Dr. Craig Harper, both with the University of Tennessee, have been conducting a multifaceted study of wild turkey populations and habitat use for seven years. Aid from Turkeys For Tomorrow and partner WiseEye Technology has helped Buehler, Harper, and their team investigate predator activity at turkey nest sites.

“We placed cameras near active turkey nests and also at random sites for a month during the incubation period for each nest,” Buehler said. “It allowed us to document what predators were present around active nest sites compared to the surrounding landscape. With TFT and WiseEye’s help, we have a tremendous data set that explains predator activity around nest sites and how that compares to the landscapes we’re studying. We’re very excited about the predator aspect of our work, and we have thousands of photos that we are processing now.”

One aspect of WiseEye Technology’s services is their photo management software that can pre-sort photos by subject automatically. The Buehler/Harper team is working now to have information from this spring’s work ready to present by the first week in November.

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