Tickets for Missouri Eastern Turkey Hunt with Bret and Jordan

April 21st-24th, 2024 Denver, Missouri

  • MISSOURI EASTERN  – Guided by Dr. Bret Collier & Jordan K. Barnes

2024 Missouri Eastern Turkey Hunt Hosted by Northwest Missouri Bucks and Beards Outfitters

This hunt may provide you with more education and woodsmanship than you can ask for coming from the Dynamic Duo.  Jordan K. Barnes, @CloseProximity, has devoted his entire life to hunting The Wild Turkey. He has hunted The Wild Turkey religiously for 30 years all across the United States. His spring journeys are documented via YouTube. His lifestyle is not only centered around hunting Wild Turkeys but also the education, allocation and implementing of science-based stewardship to create more turkeys and protect the places they call home. Dr. Bret Collier with LSU has spent his entire career studying the wild turkey and is renowned for the science behind the bird, and he loves to hunt.

This is an opportunity to hunt with one of Missouri’s finest outfitters.  Northwest Missouri Outfitters are known for incredible turkey hunting and will the guide for the hunt. You will arrive on April 21st, hunt the next 3 days, and leave on the afternoon of the 24th. Accommodations for lodging and food is included. The winner shall have a hunt-of-a-lifetime and expect to be filmed with the Dynamic Duo. Travel and license fees not included in the hunt package. 1 BIRD INCLUDED.  The winner will also receive 1 American Chestnut box call made by the 95 year-young, Dale Rohm out of PA; the call is laser-engraved and hand-painted by WV artist Dave Greer and showcases the Eastern Species.

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