Tickets for Georgia Eastern Turkey Hunt at Realtree Farms

Bill and Tyler Jordan / Realtree Farms/ April 16 – April 18 2024

2024 Georgia Eastern Turkey Hunt Hosted by Realtree

The winner of this raffle hunt will have an opportunity to stay at Realtree Farms near Columbus, GA and hunt on a very well-managed property for a long-spurred Eastern Turkey. This hunt is truly an experience of a lifetime, as you get to spend time with the Jordan family at their premiere lodge while trekking through well-managed forests and fields for your turkey. You will arrive on April 16th, hunt the next 2 days, and leave on the afternoon of April 18th. This hunt will provide you with 1 bird and includes all the necessary accommodations at Realtree Farms Lodge.

The winner will also receive 1 American Chestnut box call made by the 95 year-young, Dale Rohm out of PA; the call is laser-engraved and hand-painted by WV artist Dave Greer and showcases the Eastern Species.

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This raffle will have 1 winner.

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