North Mountain Gear will donate portion of proceeds to Turkeys For Tomorrow

AUBURN, Ala. — North Mountain Gear will support the mission of Turkeys For Tomorrow by sharing revenue generated through the sale of co-branded gear, the company’s founder announced today.

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Spencer Moser, founder and owner of North Mountain Gear, maker of high-quality leafy-wear camouflage, said the desire to help those who’ve been so loyal to him and his company motivated him to seek the partnership. He said TFT’s origin and character is a great match for his own philosophy.

“I’ve donated to various things through the years, but I wanted to have just one thing I could support and make a real difference for,” Moser said. “I’m very happy and excited to be involved in this. Just being part of this is an honor. Turkeys For Tomorrow has so much potential for good. I’ve seen such tremendous loyalty from turkey hunters to North Mountain Gear, I feel like I need to give back and do some good.”

“North Mountain Gear is a company in business for all the right reasons,” said Jason Lupardus, director of partnerships for TFT. “What Spencer has done with his products and his brand is remarkable, and it’s very similar to the origins of TFT itself. Our members and his customers are the same people. We understand the grass roots appeal of the rewards of hard work and the value of being part of nature.”

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Moser followed a friend into the camo apparel business 15 years ago and began building small batches of three-dimensional leafy-wear suits as a hobby and a side-hustle.

“I grew up in the country hunting and fishing, and I always loved leafy-wear, but everything I could ever find in it was always a cheap, low-quality product,” he said.  

He’s been able to create clothing that won’t disappoint by designing and engineering his own gear.

“Camo in general is getting very expensive,” Moser said. “If you have a lot of money to spend on it, that’s great, but I always wanted to create a product for hunters who have a great desire to get out there and hunt, who do it as often as they can, but who don’t necessarily have a closet full of different weights and styles of camo clothes.”

Durability, versatility and affordability form the key characteristics of North Mountain Gear products. They’re designed to be worn over the top of just about any sort of clothes a hunter may already own. That way, a hunter can wear any pants, shirt, sweatshirt, coat or other apparel they like and are comfortable in and be thoroughly concealed in the field by their outermost layer.

“I wanted to make something that would last someone through several seasons over the course of a few years for a hundred dollar bill,” Moser said. “I wanted to offer something affordable and versatile. Folks can spend their extra money on their shotgun, or on creating experiences, instead of on more and more expensive camo.”

Turkeys For Tomorrow is a nonprofit conservation group based in Auburn, Ala. TFT is dedicated to saving wild turkeys through sustainable, scientific solutions. To learn more about the group, visit

North Mountain Gear is an apparel company based in Williamsport, Penn. They are makers of high-quality, three-dimensional camouflage clothing. To see their full line of gear, visit

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