Missouri adventure will show winner inside look at wild turkeys’ amazing world

Between getting close and studying what’s there, Jordan Barnes and Dr. Bret Collier are a dynamic duo in the turkey woods. They’re good hunters, they’re great to have in camp, […]

First turkey hunt opens door to wide adventure

Bouncing over semi-paved roads in a pickup truck, we flew through the hills of western Missouri in the dark. Presently we whipped off the road and pulled up at a […]

Osceola turkey hunt raffle an invitation to secret society

Hunters aren’t in the club long before they learn to keep the whereabouts of gobbling birds to themselves. We’re not saying the winner of our spring hunt in Florida will […]

Pardoning turkeys may not be traditional, but it is inevitable

Every year prior to Thanksgiving, the White House pardons a domestically-raised turkey, a light-hearted moment that redirects a bird from the presidential dinner table to an imagined, picturesque barnyard somewhere, […]


Save on trees for turkeys with our TFT member discount code

The Wildlife Group Nursery specializes in trees perfectly suited to help the wild critters that call your property home. Hear their story and collect the discount code. Click this link […]

Key steps to keeping turkeys taken in cleats

Jacksonville Jaguar Logan Cooke put wild turkeys on the top of his Christmas list last season when he promoted Turkeys For Tomorrow during the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign. […]


Manage your land for turkeys this fall

Manage your land with tomorrow’s wild turkeys in mind. Follow these five tips to improve your property for turkeys. These tips can be implemented now to improve habitat conditions this […]

Auburn researchers study turkeys and habitat for better understanding

Researchers under the direction of Dr. Will Gulsby, of Auburn University, recorded data from 490 hunter-donated gobbler carcasses this past spring, bringing the team’s two-year total to 910 carcasses collected […]

Low poult production rates are a concern for the future of wild turkeys.

Turkey habitat conference serves Alabama land managers, as Gulsby, Lybarger share strategies. Researchers in many areas are seeing poult production ratio of 2:1 poults per hen average, which yield a […]

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