Key steps to keeping turkeys taken in cleats

Jacksonville Jaguar Logan Cooke put wild turkeys on the top of his Christmas list last season when he promoted Turkeys For Tomorrow during the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign. If yours is the lucky ticket, there could be an extra present under your tree this year as well. 

Click here to go to the raffle and buy tickets.

Turkeys For Tomorrow is working to restore and retain wild turkey populations through active management, research and education. You can add your support by buying a raffle ticket. Your dollars will go to help turkeys retain and regain their footing in America’s wild places. It’s great for the birds, and it’ll be grand for one lucky hunter’s Christmas haul.

Each season, NFL players represent their choice of charitable organization on customized cleats.

“TFT is a new organization but they’re doing incredibly important work,” Cook said. “Beginning a couple years ago, once it was clear there was an obvious decline in wild turkey populations around the country, concerned hunters launched Turkeys For Tomorrow and they’ve been making a difference ever since. They’re out in the field doing habitat work, educating hunters and land managers on the best practices for keeping and bringing back turkeys. There’s no way to establish turkeys or to take care of the population we have other than to do it ourselves, and TFT is all about doing that.”

Cooke’s TFT cleats feature the group’s logo, plus images of a drip torch on one side and a predator trap on the other, symbols in symphony with the group’s belief success comes to those willing to earn it, one acre at a time.

Cooke played in college for Mississippi State and was drafted by the Jaguars in 2018. The NFL has been tracking net punting average since 1976, and Cooke’s career 43.1 yard net average is the highest in league history. 

Cooke wore the TFT cleats last season in the Jaguars’ game against the Detroit Lions, bringing attention to the TFT cause. Now the cleats are up for raffle, and the proceeds will go to help us make sure there’ll be more poults today, and more turkeys tomorrow. 

Click here to go to the raffle and buy tickets.

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