Missouri adventure will show winner inside look at wild turkeys’ amazing world

Between getting close and studying what’s there, Jordan Barnes and Dr. Bret Collier are a dynamic duo in the turkey woods. They’re good hunters, they’re great to have in camp, and they’re a giant benefit to the resources we love. The winner of our hunt in Missouri will join these two for the hunting and hospitality of Northwest Missouri Bucks & Beards Outfitters. At a future date to be determined, they’ll also get a chance to go on a rocket-netting expedition capturing wild turkeys for study as part of Collier’s work.

Collier, a professor with Louisiana State University, has spent 22 years and counting in the study of the wild turkey and its habitat. The birds are the focus of his personal and professional life.

“Bret has given a lot back and I’m humbled to have him here with us,” said Jason Lupardus, TFT’s Director of Business Operations and Partnerships. “If it were not for people like him, there are a lot of issues we would not have even tackled yet.”

Barnes, an extraordinary video producer, self-films his hunts on the ground with a bow. Each of those three factors is enough make any experienced head turn. Taking the three together is more than many would even contemplate, but Barnes is as stealthy as he is generous and humble. Between academic knowledge and applied woodsmanship, this raffle’s winner stands to pick up a great deal.

Barnes and Collier will meet this raffle’s winner on the home grounds of Northwest Missouri Bucks & Beards, near Denver, Mo., in territory dominated by thick-bearded, big-bodied gobblers. The area’s birds live in broad river bottoms and rich agricultural fields. Private land in Missouri is now open for hunting all day long, and this raffle’s winner will be up to his or her ears in full-tilt turkey hunting action.

“Jordan is in charge of the hunt,” Collier said with a smile that was both serious and sincere. “Everyone has their own skill set. I’ve been watching Jordan’s videos and I can say, without a doubt, I can learn from him when it comes time to hunt.”

Barnes is the producer of Close Proximity TV on YouTube and Instagram. Check out his channel and see his content at @closeproximity. For some time now he has been making wingbone calls to raise money for turkey conservation. He’ll make a wingbone call for this raffle’s winner as well.

“It’s going to be a good time,” Barnes said. “Any time I go in somewhere it’s usually from scratch. It will be nice to work with an outfitter. I’ll probably get there a day early and look at what the flock dynamics are for myself with my own eyes.”

Along with the hunt, each of this year’s raffle winners will receive a special box call through TFT board member Terry Rohm. The calls, six in all, are made of wormy chestnut and are individually unique, capturing the special nature of each once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

As a special treat for this hunt’s winner, Collier will extend an invitation to join him and his researchers in the field on a rocket-netting expedition.

“There are lots of people who’ve shot turkeys,” Collier said, “but there aren’t many who’ve caught more turkeys than me and our crew.”

“Everyone who loves turkeys would love to do that,” Lupardus said. “It’s a mind-blowing honor and experience to get to do that.”

Check the dates and details of the hunt and get your tickets right here.

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