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Reunion with Realtree second lightning strike

Jaryd Hurst, 31, has been a supporter of Turkeys For Tomorrow since the group’s earliest days, a fact underlined by his win of a hunt raffled last spring that put him in camp with Realtree’s David Blanton. The two hit it off and Hurst had a great time so, when he saw the lineup of hunts for the raffles of spring 2024, he took his shot at the one set to be guided by Bill and Tyler Jordan on their home property in western Georgia. It was a shot destined to connect.

“I’m about the same age as Tyler and, though I’ve never met him, I feel like there several parallels in life he and I share in common,” Hurst said. “I’m looking forward to hunting with him, having a really good conversation with him and getting to know him. I’ve never met him, but my dad and I work together in a family business. It’s not as big as Realtree by any stretch of the imagination, but Tyler has stepped into a role in the company that I think is fairly comparable to my own in my situation, and I’m looking forward to visiting with him about it.”

Hurst is a lifelong hunter who explored his way into the rites of spring largely on his own.

“My dad and I have hunted together since I was old enough to walk, but my dad is what I would call a stereotypical deer hunter,” Hurst said. “Turkey hunting wasn’t something we did at all. When I turned 16 and could drive for myself, I took an interest in learning to turkey hunt and basically taught myself.”

Hurst lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

“The first year I hunted, I wound up killing two turkeys on back-to-back weekends, sitting against the same tree both times,” he said. “It was just dumb luck, but dumb luck counts too.

“I love playing the game. That’s what intrigues me. It’s what got me hooked.”

He’ll have a chance to add another measure to his lifetime of hunting experiences April 16 through April 18 as a guest at Realtree Farms.

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