Osceola turkey hunt raffle an invitation to secret society

Hunters aren’t in the club long before they learn to keep the whereabouts of gobbling birds to themselves. We’re not saying the winner of our spring hunt in Florida will have to take an oath or wear a blindfold to and from the hunting land. But we’re not saying they won’t, either.

Two-time Grand National Calling Champion Terry Rohm knows the value of good connections. He, along with good friend and land guide Bobby Adams, will host the Florida raffle’s winner near Gainesville in Alachua County. The raffle winner will be in the best of hands on the richest of dirt and will have one tag to take an Osceola longbeard.

“You’re still in Osceola country where we’ll be hunting,” Rohm said. “They’re black-winged birds, but the territory is pastureland, oakmonts and fields rather than deep swamp.”

Big water oaks draped with Spanish moss form a picturesque background for what is expected to be a once-in-a-lifetime hunt on carefully-managed ground.

“It’s a very special place,” Rohm said, reluctant to offer more. “The private land’s managers have seen their turkey populations grow significantly through the years, and they’re very careful with how they’re hunted.”

For your chance to hunt this special place, buy your tickets at https://turkeysfortomorrow.org/product/tickets-for-florida-osceola-turkey-hunt-with-terry-rhom/ 

Spring raffles offer Grand Slam of great times

The Florida hunt with Rohm is one of six being raffled by Turkeys For Tomorrow this year. Six lucky hunters will each have the adventure of a lifetime and combine for a chance at all four subspecies of wild turkeys hunted in the United States.

Visually, examples of each subspecies can be easily distinguished one from another. Easterns are generally the more heavily-bodied and sport tail fans tipped in chestnut brown. Osceolas are generally smaller and darker than Easterns and are much more darkly colored through the wings. Rio Grandes are buff toned throughout and examples of the Merriam’s are almost black and cream. Members of the Gould’s subspecies generally demonstrate the buff tones of the Rio Grande with far longer legs and perfectly white tips on tail fans that are much larger than those found on any of their cousins.

TFT is raffling hunts in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and Wyoming, setting the table for an Osceola, three Eastern, one Rio Grande and one Merriam’s.

Along with Rohm, hosts will include guys with The Hunting Public chasing a Rio Grande gobbler in Texas, the founders of Spring Legion, as well as Bill and Tyler Jordan of Realtree chasing Easterns in Mississippi and Georgia respectively. The duo of Jordan K. Barnes @CloseProximity and Dr. Bret Collier will host a hunter in Missouri and get after an Eastern, and Joe Drake will host a hunter chasing a Merriam’s in Wyoming.

Check out all of our raffles at https://turkeysfortomorrow.org/turkey-hunt-raffles/

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