A TN RESOLUTION to recognize and honor Turkeys For Tomorrow

Resolution Honors TFT

We’re honored to be recognized by the Tennessee General Assembly and Gov. Bill Lee for the work we’re helping researchers do in The Volunteer State.

 Pictured left to right: Chase Grubbs, Turkeys For Tomorrow Director of Operations, Caleb Hemmer, Tennessee State Representative and Ron Jolly, Turkeys For Tomorrow Co-Chairman of the Board.

 Dr. Craig Harper and Dr. David Buehler at the University of Tennessee are leading work in the field, gathering information that will give policymakers what they need to help wild turkeys. Tennessee House Joint Resolution 14 shines an important light on our mission. #forturkeys


By Hemmer

A RESOLUTION to recognize and honor Turkeys for Tomorrow for their conservation efforts.

WHEREAS, it is fitting that the members of this General Assembly should pay tribute to those exemplary organizations and their remarkable personnel who work with purpose and conviction to improve the quality of life in their respective communities; and

WHEREAS, one such estimable organization is Turkeys for Tomorrow, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group that is attempting to combat the declining turkey population in Tennessee and its surrounding regions; and

WHEREAS, Turkeys for Tomorrow was founded in 2021 by a group of concerned hunters who noticed the ecological conundrum of declining turkey populations and sought to remedy this problem through ambitious research projects; and

WHEREAS, starting with only $4,200 contributed by the original fourteen founders, Turkeys for Tomorrow now funds six research projects in three states with two pending project announcements on the horizon; and

WHEREAS, the nonprofit organization directs, on average, over eighty percent of its generated income to the reversal of this ecological decline, working to fund endeavors with institutions such as Auburn University, the University of Georgia, Tennessee Technological University, and Mississippi State University; and

WHEREAS, one of the many projects that Turkeys for Tomorrow assists with is run by Dr. Craig Harper and Dr. David Buehler of the University of Tennessee, who are leading a comprehensive study of wild turkey ecology in five counties of south-middle Tennessee to help local agencies make informed decisions on turkey conservation; and

WHEREAS, the aid that Turkeys for Tomorrow provides is critical to the success of these desperately needed scientific inquiries that seek to maintain the beauty and balance of Tennessee’s ecology, and this General Assembly is proud to commend those organizations that proffer such contributions to our State; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, THE SENATE CONCURRING, that we honor Turkeys for Tomorrow for their conservation efforts and dedication to the wildlife of Tennessee and beyond.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that an appropriate copy of this resolution be prepared for presentation with this final clause omitted from such copy and upon proper request made to the appropriate clerk, the language appearing immediately following the State seal appear without House or Senate designation.

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